Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Using innovation to ensure quality

Quality, health, safety and environment 

GroGreen is committed to ensuring quality in all its activities. The implementation of this commitment is dependent upon the support of management at all levels. The quality process is aligned with the GroGreen operating model.

We will strive for continual improvement of our quality management process and ensure our programme delivers high quality products and services to our clients.

In doing so, we hope to establish GroGreen as the preferred supplier in conformity assessment and certification services in the fields of quality, health, safety and environment, and social responsibility (QHSE).

Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) lie at the very heart of the GroGreen culture and activities. Our mission is to develop innovative, efficient and flexible solutions for our customers.

We continually strive to improve our approach in all aspects of HSE management, covering environmental impact and relationships with customers, employees and suppliers. We are committed to continue implementing internally the best practices that we preach externally.