Goods Transportation & Distribution

Delivering your products safely, swiftly and securely

Goods Transportation & Distribution

Our goods transportation and distribution centre is based in Dubai, giving us an excellent point of access to the entire Africa region. Our large fleet of vehicles are ready to leap into action at a moment’s notice, giving our clients a seamless and swift connection to the region’s sea and airports.

We understand that in the modern world, the demand is for speed combined with secure, safe delivery. Our drivers are trained to handle all kinds of goods, form hazardous to extremely fragile, and we strive to exceed all expectations when it comes to pristine delivery ahead of time.

GroGreen continues to provide logistical assistance to operations in different countries within Africa. We pride ourselves on finding the optimum supply routes for clear passage of important supplies critical to the success of our clients.

We believe in transportation there is no room for error, and while time is a factor, the delicate nature of the contents of the delivery must also be considered. It is the attention to detail applied by GroGreen that has seen us become a trusted and valued partner to our clients throughout the region.